roger you need to take care of getting me handled on the refund you promised.

you are trying to use this site to say you are a good operator (when you are not)will you ever own up to getting the refund you promised me

you are not a honest person anyone looking to have a nissan repaired stay away from knights auto in san marcos

they lie about work they perform and do not

i have been trying for weeks to get a refund and roger will not return my call roger knight you are full of you know what


Monetary Loss: $400.

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Adger, Alabama, United States #55312

John,,,I'm not sure what your beef is with Knight's but myself and my family have been going to Knight's for many years and I have sent MANY new customers there with no problems. Maybe you should give Knight's a call and work things out. I trust Knight's Automotive with all of my repairs and will continue.


Hey roger you need to quit writing *** about just giving the keys to people

or maybe allison 67 is blowing you you piece of ***

I hope you go out of business


I have been a loyal customer since he opened his automotive business, and overall, Roger, the owner does excellent work and always goes beyond what most places would do.He has known to even wash a customer care before they came to pick it up.

When he knows a customer is in a financial hardship, he has known to just hand the keys to the owner after all the excellent work has been done, not charging the customer at all. The man is a wonderful person. He is really at the shop 12-15 hours a day, and has a family that he takes quality time with, how he does it, Lord knows.

But I know for a fact he is not dishonest in any way.:)

Castellammare Di Stabia, Campania, Italy #36071

Lets all take one to see who is lying.

Pittsboro, North Carolina, United States #22579

Thank you Kalaher!!! We look forward to seeing you and your Tacoma soon !!!

Many thank's Roger Knight,, Owner of Knight's Automotive

Kryvyy Rih, Dnipropetrovs'ka Oblast', Ukraine #22473

I have used Roger's Knights Automotive for the last couple years.I have been completely satisfied with the services they offer.

In fact, I drive from Oceanside, past many other repair shops for they have always provided me with superior services.Thank you.

Pittsboro, North Carolina, United States #17505

Almost forgot my favorite part-- :p

Pittsboro, North Carolina, United States #17503

Well "s" ( or John,Don,Jose ) still waiting,,,,, Hey Revolution have you read the latest posting about your great store?( great,ya right) When are you guys going to grow up?

If you have a problem call me (scardy cat,scady cat,sorry I have to lower myself in a few places so you will understand). Everyone who is reading this knows who I am (the good one) and who you guys are (the bad ones,in case you forgot)and how you treat your customers. So everyone out there please read all of the posts for Revolution RV !! and you will better understand whats going on.

Sorry I have to back to work.

You know revolution it's that thing the good ones due when they take care of there customers.Call me.

Pittsboro, North Carolina, United States #17419

OK "s" here we go again.No phone calls...

I'm here 12-15 hours a day M-F and you have NEVER CALLED. My # is 760-752-9727 so call me. It's June 17th and I will be here ALL DAY.

If you can take the time to (once again) drag my name through the mud lets make the phone call OK "s" ( we all know it's you guys at Revolution RV ) I know I won't get the call because all of your comments are FALSE !!!So be a big person and call me

Roger Knight -- owner of Knight's Automotive

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